So how did it go?

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Before the events I was concerned that people might not want these colourful “things” all over the village but in fact we found that people were very enthusiastic about it and if anything they wanted the all the artworks to be permanent!  This could mean that project could leave an interesting legacy, it could possibly act as a pilot scheme for a much larger project in the future.

Lots of interesting ideas, trails and stories were identified  during the event.  I will be looking through these over the next few weeks and putting together a plan for what each year group will create for the trail.  Exciting times!

Some ideas gathered at the community events

  • clothes line textile artwork at cistern green
  • dingy paths would be nice with some colourful steps/stepping stones
  • field of mushrooms
  • bird inspired art in cistern green
  • weaved hut for bird watching
  • bunting for use on gala days
  • murals/artwork that can be transferred to school fences at the end of project
  • water inspired art
  • decorate errol house park gates
  • flags along high street/ entrance to errol
  • wigwam in the park
  • giant ladybird in the park
  • bench at southbank
  • artwork at stables
  • light art inside school
  • trail should start and finish at school
  • artwork that makes noise or spins in wind
  • eco-friendly

Watch this space……

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