Light Art at Clyde Valley High

I am currently working with S3 pupils as part of the XL Princes Trust project.  The Arts and Employability project is aimed at XL clubs running in North Lanarkshire Secondary Schools, this project uses the arts to develop and enhance employability skills.  The students are working with me using a range of light art techniques.  The students are engaging well with the project as it is new and exciting experience for them.  The students are able to see instant results of their learning which keeps them motivated and builds confidence.

We started with a kickstart day where students from all over North Lanarkshire were invited to come along and try a number of exciting workshops.  During my light art session the students were intoduced to light graffiti and got a chance to try it out for themselves.  The day was very successful, the students found light art to be a new fun and unusual technique.  During the day the students developed new ideas and techniques to create more interesting effects and images.  Below are some examples of the images created on the day.


The next stage of the project was to design a series of workshops that would enable the students to learn more and create an outcome to exhibit at the end of the project.  I delivered a CPD session for teachers who would be working with the students.  The art teacher from the school also made it along, at the end of the session she said she was rushing off to buy lots of differents lights as she was going to introduce light art to her class as the new topic!

As part of the project I was able to come and support the teachers with delivery on two sessions.

The first session I supported with was the introduction of collage techniques for light boxes.  The students played with colour and shape to create collages on perpex.  They then used their light graffiti skills to create some interesting photographs with their collages.

I was then able to support a session where the students were finishing off their light boxes and putting lights inside them.  I was very impressed with all the work had gone on since my last visit.

Next it was time to hang the light boxes to show off all our hard work and achievement.  One of the students came up with the idea of hanging the light boxes in and XL shape to represent their group.  This was a great idea and proved to be very effective.    I put together a movie slideshow with some music to showcase the light graffiti and other photographs the group had taken.  The celebration event was a great success and the young people couldn’t help but be proud of their work as it looked so fantastic.

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