Playing with Light at St Cadocs Primary School

I was asked to develop a course for p6/7 to help them to work well together, challenge their art practice and provide opportunities for them to celebrate and share their achievements. I looked at how we could make this unusual and exciting and keep them engaged throughout the full project. I designed a series of short projects that built on the children’s learning with a mixture of full class and small group work.

We started with some light graffiti. The children loved this physical way of drawing. They built up their skills over three sessions, learning abstracts, writing and collaborative drawings.

We moved onto developing some different skills using willow for construction. We started by creating small pyramid lanterns together as a full class. We then used those skills to create a more complicated fish shape and used out imagination and design skill to give them an individual twist.

Next was light box artworks. The children spent time designing and then learned the skills to complete a professional looking light box.

The children held an exhibition private view where the rest of the school and parents where invited to come and see their hard work.

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