Community Hub Consultation – Tillydrone

I led primary 4/5 at Riverbank School through a series of fun visual art activities so they could get involved in the community consultation for the new community hub. We covered themes of community, location, design and functionality.

Community Jigsaw

Each piece of this jigsaw represents one person in the community. It shows what is important to them, their families, their interests and hopes for the future. These jigsaw pieces are fitted together to create an overall picture of what is important to Tillydrone community.

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Future Tillydrone – a day in the life
The children were asked to time travel into the future and imagine the community hub has already been built.
• They have chosen a location for the hub and drawn what they think it should look like.
• They have imagined a day in their life where they use the hub. They have drawn their journey on that day from home to the hub and all their adventures.
• Smiley faces on the map mark their favourite places
• Exclamation marks show areas that they feel need regeneration.

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Transformer rooms – Sharing spaces

We discussed the importance of creating a hub that can be used for lots different functions and by lots of different groups. We designed multifunctional spaces that can transform to suit the needs of all sort of activities.
We had lots of clever ideas
• Tables that fold down for meetings after a fitness class has used the space.
• An animal petting area to help with stress
• Moveable walls to change the space and size of rooms
• Outdoor space with temporary roof in case of rain
• Underground rooms to make the most of the space, cinema club maybe or sports hall
• A welcome person who can tell you everything that is happening in the hub that day

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