Bennachie Woodland Wander part 6 – Arts and Dementia

I am enjoying this project more and more. Everyone is getting to know each other and it is such a friendly and fun place to be. I find these workshops very relaxing which is unusual as the tutor! I don’t have any of the worry that normally goes along with being the workshop leader. I have seen such a change in attitude in some of the participants from the first session. On the first session they were sitting around the table looking quite daunted by the art materials in front of them and didn’t make a move without my say so. These days they come in a grab whatever I have laid out and get stuck in full force with no inhibitions!

This session I got a chance to share with the group what I have been learning in another project I am involved in. I am currently one of the artists working on Carrick Light Festival. This is a community project based in Girvan, Ayrshire. Each year all the local people make lanterns and create a river of light through the town in a procession to the shore front where they enjoy a light and fire performance. (I will blog about this project in due course)

So as a group we created lanterns. We used small pieces of willow to make triangle shaped lanterns with a battery powered tea light inside.

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