Creative Slates @ Blackwood Primary

This was a very special project.  I was asked to help the Blackwood Primary pupils save a piece of history from their old school.  When their old school was knocked down they saved the old slates from the roof.  These were beautiful old slates and a great opportunity to give the school a creative identity while remembering and respecting what went before.


My mission was to involve all the pupils in the school.  The school has a number of words that sum up the ethos of the school, which was my starting point.  I had never worked with slate before so I did a few experiments to see what mediums would work the best.  I worked up a plan for each class to have their own project that was age appropriate.

Work in progress –

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The pupils did a fantastic job.  Here are some images of the finished slates.  I hope to get some images of them when they are hung inside the school.  As well as the words that are special to the school we also did our own version of the school badge and the leaves that represent the school houses.

019 022 051 063 066 078 080 1

This project was an absolute pleasure.  There was a buzz in the school about the project, all the teachers were asking how I was getting on and coming in to admire the work.  I felt like the work I was doing was being valued and they were very proud of the work their pupils had produced.

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