Sunny Errol unveils the art trail

What a great day!  Months of hard work came together with a beautiful sunny day to make this event a success.

Errol families came out to enjoy they day, they collected their trail map from outside the primary school and went off in search of the first artwork.

We had footprints to follow and clay figures to find all the way around the trail.  They were hiding everywhere!  Thank you to the wonderful steering group for all their help.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is some feedback from the day –

    1. Wonderful trail for all generations.  Loved counting the wee men.  Had a great time.  Loved learning about the village.
    2. A great way to combine art as well as creativity from kids and a good way of getting kinds and adults outside for a good walk.  Fantastic – S Johnston
    3. Wonderful art, super walk.  Great.
    4. Very inspirational.  Lovely art work.
    5. A great insight into the village history.  Well done.
    6. Great idea.  Wonderful work by the children.  Very enjoyable, looking forward to the next one.


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