Jellyfish at the Lyceum Theatre

Had a great run of workshops at the Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh. (Playtime for pre-schoolers)

I was keen to incorporate some drama into my usual visual art/craft making workshops due to the venue.  This came in the form of role play, I know from past projects that pre-school age children love it.

I decided on the theme of “A day in the life of a ……….”

Each week the children took on the role of a differnt animal and did whatever that animal might do in a day.  The first week was “A day in the life of a spider”.  We made a giant web using bright coloured wool, caught some flies and made a nest.

Next we were birds, we flew around, gathered nesting materials and built a nest (from wool and paper etc) we then layed some eggs that we made from clay.  We were very excited when one of our eggs started to hatch, we reformed one of the clay eggs into a chick.  Last we had to find some worms (wool again) to feed our hungry chick.

Last in the series was “A day in the life of a jellyfish”.  We became jellyfish by making a costume from an umbrella will tissue tenticles.

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