Flight Of Falcon

I have been working with class 4/5 to create a very exciting artwork for the trail.  It is something I have never attempted before and I think it is going to be great.

It was identified during the community events that local people would like some permanent artworks as well as some temporary ones for the trail.

The children are transforming an old bench into a new exciting artwork for the village.  It will tell the story of the “flight of falcon”.

“During the time King Kenneth III was King of Scotland, around 980, the Danes made a raid intoScotland. A peasant named Hay and his two sons were ploughing a nearby field. When Hay saw the invaders, he and his two sons ran to fight encouraging others to follow. The effect was for the weary invaders to retreat believing a new army was about to hit them. King Kenneth rewarded Hay with a ceremony in his castle inPerthand a gift of land. Hay decided on some land around Errol. King Kenneth, who was a keen falconer, determined the boundaries by flight of falcon. The falcon flew through the valley and landed on a large stone near St Madoes which to this day is called Hawkstane.”

The class got to working sanding and painting the old bench, we also designed how to make the bench tell the story.

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