Errol’s little fruit growers – polytunnel adventures

The children in the nursey class of Errol Primary School had an exciting day to create their part of Errol Arts Trail.  They worked with me to create a collaborative artwork that explores the heritage of fruit growing in the area. It was identified during the community event that there was a brick wall near the nursery that would be a good location for an artwork, this is where the artwork will be sited permanently although it may be sited elsewhere just for the arts trail weekend. Each child worked with me to explore real fruit, the colours and the smells. Each child used paint to create a small fruit inspired artwork on a circle.

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I will now take these artworks away and create a series of “polytunnel” artworks to be fixed to the wall. I hope to be able to integrate fruit scents into the artwork so the children will be reminded of the real fruits when they smell the finished work.

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