We wanted to create a buzz about the start of the project so decided to hold a community event.  It is very important to us to gather people ideas and concerns so we decided to hold the event twice once on a Saturday and once after school on a weekday so everyone could have a chance of being able to come along.

The event was made up of a number of activity tables that people could visit and join in with in no particular order.  This was a great opportunity to collect peoples ideas, stories and get the word out about our project.  The activities that people took part in were –


  • Draw on our maps where you think the trail should lead
  • Where should the artworks be placed?
  • Tell us or draw what the art installations should be
  • Identify any areas of Errol that need some attention


  • An opportunity to share your stories
  • Tell us all about Errol and your experiences of living here
  • Do you know anything about the local industries, heritage, folk law?


  • An opportunity to get hands on with this project
  • Create your own clay figure to become part of the arts trail
  • Vote on how these figures should be displayed


  • Find out how you can be involved in the project beyond today
  • Sign up to receive up dates of how the project is progressing
  • Donate some materials to the project
  • Get involved in some of the workshops
  • Share your knowledge or skills

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